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The North Bay region, which includes six counties, saw its unemployment rate drop in October, according to Labor Department figures released Friday. Sonoma County's unemployment rate was 5.5%, and Marin County had the lowest rate at 4.7%, followed by Sonomas County at 5%. In total, there were 1,000 new jobs in Rohnert Park, the city of about 2 million people, and 1.2 million jobs across the region, with most of the jobs created at Sonomas State University, which is located 30 miles north of San Francisco.

This beautiful campus is located in the heart of Rohnert Park, just blocks from the Sonoma County Courthouse and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

This is primarily an office sitting or partially classified and may require you to stand or walk to and from the work area. Employees may be exposed to cramped work spaces or work in the field, or work outside the office in an office environment with limited access to the outside world. This position acquires the ability to receive only occasional instruction or support, no matter where it is, unless a new or unusual situation arises.

This is a popular freelance website where you can apply for individual positions based on your skills and interviews for small to medium-sized projects. Although this company may not be open to the extent that full-time employment is possible, if you have the skills the company needs, you may be willing to hire you as a consultant or contractor on a freelance basis if necessary.

Before you are offered a job as a candidate, you must pass a background check (including criminal record check). If you do not complete your background checks satisfactorily, this may affect your continued employment or the ability of current employees to apply for the job. Finding a job that requires you to have a background check on this site will result in an additional $5,000 in fees.

Questions about the application process should be directed to Human Resources at (707) 664-2664. ADA Coordinator is available to assist people with disabilities and those in need of accommodation during the recruitment process. Please visit job offers to consider this option (additional questionnaire required). Submit application documents, cover letter and CV in person on Monday, 6 March 2017, in the office of the Leisure and Parks Department Rohnert.

This position is required to meet the requirements laid down as conditions of employment in accordance with CSU Rules of Procedure 1083. Please note a reporter hired by California State University, San Francisco (CS U) Board of Regents (BOS).

A Master's degree in a work-related area can be replaced by one year of work experience. This position requires a Bachelor of Science or equivalent in the occupational fields of computer science, computer technology, mathematics or any other related occupational field.

For a comprehensive performance summary for this position, click on the "View Performance Summary" link below. This is a position with a wide range of benefits, including health insurance, 401 (k) plans, retirement plans and other benefits. More information about the benefits of the Rohnert Park Community College System Act is available. A comprehensive list of current and past services for the city of ROHNERT PARK is also available at the Office for Human Resources Management and Development.

The work of the city clerk is to protect the democratic process and build a better community. Perform on-site inspections of construction projects to ensure we work closely with other departments to address the interpretation of the city's building laws. Review and interpretation of the works by the Planning Commission, the Park Planning Department of the City of Rohnert and the Municipality, as well as the monitoring of the special control and structural observation programme. Planning permit applications for projects submitted to the Planning Commission, the City Council and municipal employees, building permits in connection with city regulations and regulations, and works in the Public Works Office.

It must also be able to operationalise sustainability concepts in the economy, society and the environment in all aspects of fulfilling work duties.

You may submit a CV or other relevant documents to further describe your qualifications, but your CV will not meet the requirement to submit the full application, including employment history. Instead of an answer, supplementary questions may be accepted, but you may need to go through a small imagination process and build skills that can be marketed in the free world by investing in a course. Apply on a free website, forget about customers online and get started. You can submit your CV and / or other relevant documents describing your qualifications. However, "See CV" will not satisfy the requirement to submit the full application, including your employment history, or instead in response to a supplementary question.

New companies that want to attract people can skip a background check, which can be a good opportunity if you have a college degree, work in a start-up or are best suited to the business. If your state does not require a license for this role or excludes people with criminal criminal records from choosing this career, this may not be your best option. Check the list below and select a company from that list to see how you can apply to that company and contact them for more information.